Compensation and Workday for Managerial and Professional Staff

Managerial and professional staff can view and manage their personal information related to benefits and compensation in Workday. Within the Workday application, on the Compensation tab in their Personal worklet, each employee can view their Grade and Grade Profile.

Grades and Grade Profiles

Grade identifies the primary nature or discipline of the work. Grade Profile identifies the position title or Job Level and salary grade.


Grade: Library    Grade Profile: Librarian 5 (29)

Grade: Administration & Operations    Grade Profile: Leader (29)

STARS job postings include the Grade and Grade Profile as in the examples above.

Job Levels

The Job Level is a label that describes the appropriate placement of a particular position in the university’s hierarchy of jobs. Some examples of the job levels include Leader, Manager, Supervisor, and Associate. The Job Level is determined by critical components of the position such as scope, effect and knowledge and has no impact on salary. 

View Job Levels.

The employee can see their own Job Level. In addition, their manager, Lead Administrator, and Human Resources Generalist can view the employee’s Job Level.

Today, Yale has four different systems to classify an M&P position:  traditional grades (21-31), bands (P/M 3-8), tri-bands (MU-PE) and ungraded (00). Adding the Job Level to Yale’s current band and salary structures is a first step to simplify our overall compensation structure. The Job Level structure will help us more accurately organize the work we do and enhance our alignment with our compensation philosophy. The plan is to transition to the single compensation structure by 2017.

View M&P salary structures.


Position describes the distinct profile of each role at the university.  It is comprised of a description of the work responsibilities, skills required to do the job well, the name of the department, address of the work location and other representative specifications to describe each unique assignment.

Using position classification, position descriptions, position requirements and other available information, Human Resources and Lead Administrators partnered to assign initial Job Levels to positions.

If you have questions or concerns, please discuss with your Lead Administrator and Human Resources Generalist so that all information can be taken into account.