Choosing child care

Child care programs at Yale

There are seven child care programs affiliated with the university. The programs vary in size; eligibility is determined by university affiliation, ages of children served, calendar, hours of operation, and program philosophy. More information about the Yale-affiliated child care programs can be found here.


How to use Yale's flexible spending benefits for your child care expenses

The Yale flexible benefits plan permits you to save money by reducing your taxable salary to cover qualifying child/dependent care expenses.

How it works: Salary reductions designated for child/dependent care or medical/dental expenses accumulate in a reimbursement account on your behalf pending submission of claims for reimbursable expenses. (An individual cannot lump his or her reduction to correspond to a particular part of the year. Instead, the annual reduction is divided into equal periodic payroll reductions throughout the year.) Expenses are reimbursed until the cumulative total equals the annual amount designated. See specific details here.

Parents can check the complaint history of a licensed child care provider

Parents can contact the Connecticut Division of Licensing through the Office of Early Childhood for information on regulations and to check on complaint history of licensed child care providers: 1-800-282-6063.