Access Required Oracle Business Applications

Access Required Business Applications are Oracle financial modules that require access to specific financial information (i.e. your department, salaries versus non-salaries) through specific applications such as: the Data Warehouse, Journal Staging Area (JSA), Receipt Identification Form (RIF), among others. Access is requested, then approved or denied, through an array of communications. Start by contacting your supervisor or business manager for the additional information you will need during the registration process. You will need to know:

  • Your Net ID
  • Your department hierarchy (which area your department rolls up to)
  • Your Training Access Coordinator (TAC)
  • The roles(s) you are requesting (Preparer or Approver)

Once you are ready to start, click on one of the following links below, and sign in through the Yale Central Authorizing System (CAS) with your Net ID and password. Read the description and directions carefully, and continue to request access. Once completed, an e-mail will be sent to the TAC you selected. The TAC will approve or deny the request; if approved, the system will send an e-mail to you indicating that you have received approval. Click on the link provided in the e-mail and choose the next available date for training. You will be contacted by the instructor with further instructions within 48 hours. 


Human Resources

General Accounting

Financial Planning

User Access

For training that does not require access, visit the Business Office Guide to System Access.

If you have questions, please send e-mail to