Frequently Asked Questions

Is participation in Managing at Yale required of managers of staff at Yale?

All managers of staff are expected to take advantage of the Managing at Yale programs, which are designed to help them develop their skills and abilities as managers at Yale. It is essential that all managers of staff at Yale participate in the appropriate program based on their managerial experience here at Yale, not their overall managerial experience.

I am a manager with many years of experience; however, I am a new manager of staff at Yale.  Should I consider participating in Managing at Yale?

Yes, you should consider participating in Managing at Yale because it is designed to help you  
succeed in your management role here at Yale. This program focuses specifically on the unique environment that you, as a manager, must learn to navigate here at Yale rather than your overall managerial experience.  It ensures that managers of staff at Yale at all levels (entry, mid and senior) receive the information, tools and resources they need to be successful managers during their careers at the University.

Has any thought been given to not having the two- and three-day courses offered on consecutive days?

We have considered several options for delivering our Managing at Yale courses.  Ultimately, we determined that the impact of these courses is greatest when the time span between sessions is condensed and the courses are scheduled on consecutive days.

What should I do if I cannot attend all of the sessions of a course that is scheduled for consecutive days?

In this instance, we encourage you to not register for a course until you are able to make the commitment to attend each full day of the course, which is designed to provide managers with valuable new information. So, it is vital that managers are able to attend all days scheduled for a course.