Extraordinary Leader

The Extraordinary Leader—Turning Good Managers at Yale into Great Leaders!

The Extraordinary Leader Workshop takes a strengths-based approach to leadership development in a one-day interactive learning experience that includes a pre-workshop 360-degree leadership assessment and a development planning process.

The workshop is designed to educate, train, and motivate you to become a great leader. It provides you with new insights on what makes leaders extraordinary. You will learn about research that shows that extraordinary leaders have results that often double the performance of good leaders.

You will also learn about the powerful link between leadership effectiveness and employee engagement and commitment. You will develop a clear understanding of your own leadership competencies and profiles. In addition, you will be given powerful tools that you can use to build a personal, actionable development plan that will build on your strengths and passions, and help you become an EXTRAORDINARY leader.

During the course of the workshop, a Zenger/Folkman facilitator will help you to:

  1. Understand the significant on-the-job performance difference between those leaders perceived as “extraordinary” compared to those who are viewed as “good” or “poor”
  2. Learn about the 16 critical leadership competencies research shows most differentiate extraordinary leaders from everyone else
  3. Discover why enhancing your existing leadership strengths, not solely focusing on fixing your weaknesses, is the most successful way to become an extraordinary leader
  4. Prepare to receive an individual 360-degree leadership feedback report, understand how the report is structured, learn to interpret the data, and discuss how it can best be used in a positive way
  5. Perform a step-by-step analysis of your individual leadership feedback report, using a structured process with individual and group exercises

By the end of the workshop, you will know exactly how you are currently perceived as a leader and will have a clear understanding of the impact you can make by becoming a better leader. You will come away with an individual development plan customized to your situation and objectives, as well as a variety of tools you can continue to use in your ongoing development efforts. You will learn to no longer be satisfied with average results, and will be given tools and be taught how to create action plans that truly help you move from good to extraordinary.