Great Manager Program

Learn what it takes to be a Great Manager at Yale!

The Great Manager Program will introduce you to Yale’s expectations of leaders. The program will engage you in actively exploring how you can create a high-performing culture and inspire you to develop the skills that will bring out the best in your staff.

During this three-day workshop, you, as a manager of staff at Yale, will gain a greater understanding of yourself and your management style by completing the Everything DiSC behavioral assessment as pre-work to the workshop. The DiSC assessment results will be reviewed during day one of the workshop, at which time you will explore your management style, its effect on others and where you can strengthen your leadership capabilities.

During the workshop, you will also learn to:

  • Establish accountability for effective management and leadership at all levels
  • Identify your strengths and areas of development, and operate at your best
  • Improve labor/management relations
  • Create awareness of the link between your behavior and achieving a culture of diversity and inclusiveness
  • Improve performance and development at all levels

* Pre-requisite: Pre-work (will be assigned before the start of class)

Open to experienced managers of staff (greater than 90 days of managerial experience at Yale); all levels of managers participate (entry-, mid- and senior-levels).