Grant & Contract Individual Non–Labor Transfer

Used to move non–labor expenses that have already been charged where either the debit or credit are funded by grants or contracts. Each transaction must be entered individually; it is not appropriate to move a block of expenses when working with a grant.

Expenditure Types

View Expenditure Types that may be used with the Grant & Contract Individual Non–Labor Transfer (YGCIndNonLabTr) Category.

Required Attributes

Date of Original Transaction
The date to which the original transaction was charged. This date must have occurred while the project and award are both open.

Reference ID of Original Transaction
The reference number of the original transaction. This may be a batch name, invoice number, purchase order number, or other unique reference identification.

Optional Attributes

A concise, accurate description of why the transaction needs to be made. Note: “To correct error” is not an acceptable reason. Preferred: “To move charge from proj.0029241 to 0029141–typo”

User Defined
These free–form text fields hold up to 60 characters per field. All information entered will appear on the monthly statements.

Free-form text field image

Electronic Forms

The electronic forms for Journal Entries can be found on the Journal Entries (Link 1) topic page of the Policies, Procedures and Forms web site (Link 2).