Inter–Department Transfer

Used by internal service providers to charge University departments for goods and services provided. Note: This category is not to be used by a department to move charges to accounts within the department, nor to move funds within the department.

Expenditure Types

View Expenditure Types that may be used with the Inter–Department Transfer (YInterDeptTrsf) Category.

Required Attributes

Delivery Date
Delivery date or service completion date that the goods or services were provided.

Optional Attributes

Service Request Number
Number designated by the ISP for tracking the order.

Approver Name and Number
The name of the person approving the purchase of the goods or services provided.

ISP Name
Name of the department providing the goods or services.

Initiator Name & Number
Name and phone number of the person requesting the goods or services.

Order Date
Enter the date the order was placed by the submitter.

Invoice Number
the number designated by the provider for tracking the bill.

Total Amount/Bill Status
Total invoice amount plus status of the billing as partial or complete.

Submitter Name and Number
Name and phone number of person submitting the request for goods or services.

User Defined
User-defined descriptive field. Note: Financial Reporting is working to incorporate this field on statements.

Free-form text field image

Electronic Forms

The electronic forms for Journal Entries can be found on the Journal Entries (Link 1) topic page of the Policies, Procedures and Forms web site (Link 2).