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General information

All Yale staff members use the My Time application. My Time allows Local 35 staff members to view their timecard online in a read-only format. (Wages are not displayed on timecards.) Employee Services, Dining Services, and Facilities provide computer access from kiosks to staff members needing access to a computer. From a kiosk, staff members must log in to their My Time inbox to view any messages. Those with an Outlook account will receive an email in their Outlook inbox. NOTE: Time clocks will not display My Time inbox messages.

Time off requests

To request paid time off or vacation time, a staff member should submit a request to their supervisor via My Time. My Time will generate an e-mail to the supervisor containing a link to My Time to approve the request. The supervisor will review the request and make a determination based on the department staffing needs. My Time allows supervisors to type in a note informing the staff member that the request was granted or denied.

Staff members requesting unpaid time off should use a paper form or have a discussion with their supervisor.

Staff members requesting time off for a university holiday they are scheduled to work, should request the time off using a paper form or have a discussion with their supervisor. Supervisors should enter the pay code change in My Time.

Leaves of absence

Supervisors should direct personal leave of absence requests to Employee Services at 203-432-5552 to speak with the Human Resources Leave Coordinator. The Leave Coordinator will discuss the options that the staff member has for taking leave time and will recommend the best course of action.

Advance vacation pay requests

Staff members should request advance vacation pay using a paper form or have a discussion with their supervisor. Supervisors should select the Advance Vacation (ADV VAC DAY) pay code in My Time to mark the request.

Rounding rule for time card punches

The system will not display rounded punches. The punches will be displayed as they are coming in through the clock. The rounding rules will be taken into effect in the amount column. For example: If an employee punches in at 8:02 am and punches out at 4:01 pm, the in and out columns on the timecard will display the punches as listed above. The amount column on the timecard will display a total of eight hours.

Supervisors: Pay code comments and adjustments

The Time Detail report will display the pay code used and the comment added to the pay code.

If a Dining Services staff member with the auto-deduct meal rule swipes out on a lunch break this will display the exception, Early Out and Late In, on their timecard. The supervisor should use pay codes to adjust their punches for the day using pay codes.

Supervisors can manually edit time cards using pay codes for staff members that work on a day they were scheduled to be off. Time off requests can be viewed on the staff member’s time card in My Time.

Supervisors: Delegating approval authority

Supervisors may name a delegate in the My Time application to approve timecards and time off requests on their behalf for the duration that they are out of the office. This Manager Delegation can be found in the My Actions link in My Time