Yale-New Haven Hospital Day Care Center

NEW HAVEN, CT 06504 
Telephone: (203) 688-5246 
Director: Jody Platner - platner@yhnn.org

Program and Philosophy 
In our infant-toddler and preschool groups we carefully plan a curriculum which provides children with first-hand experiences in an atmosphere of trust and caring. It is the nurturing and satisfying relationships with teachers which establish the foundation for a child’s development. The mixed age groups encourage younger children to learn from older ones and older children to nurture those in an earlier stage of development. The daily events of their living together provide the raw materials of our curriculum. The significance of play is supported through the baby’s first playful interactions with the teachers, and the older child’s pleasure in recreating and understanding the world through dramatic play. Children are offered many opportunities to observe, explore and find answers to their questions. The teachers foster close partnerships with parents in order to provide a unified and harmonious approach to child care. 

The Yale-New Haven Hospital Day Care Center is a non-profit program located in a renovated house directly across the street from the main hospital complex. The program is designed to provide quality on-site child care primarily for hospital employees and secondarily for employees of the Yale Schools of Medicine and Nursing. Yale-New Haven Hospital was one of the first Connecticut hospitals to sponsor on-site child care for its employees when it opened the infant-toddler program in 1983. Seven years later the program was expanded to include a preschool program. 

Fees, Enrollment, Hours, and Who to Contact 

Fees: Tuition is automatically paid through a payroll deduction system for hospital employees and other Medical Center affiliates pay by check. Call or e-mail for tuition details.

Enrollment: Ranging in age from three months to three years, the infants and toddlers participate in mixed age groups of eight children with three caregivers. The preschool children, between the ages of three to five years, continue in mixed age groups of sixteen children with three caregivers. 

Hours: The program is open Monday-Friday from 6:45 a.m. to 5:15 p.m., 52 weeks per year (family chooses a 9 hr. schedule). 

For more information, contact Jody Platner (203) 688-5246