Buying & Paying

Vendor-related services, including the systems and tools used to manage purchases and invoices.

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Yale’s Buying Guide is designed to save you time in locating reputable and reliable suppliers. Some suppliers have elaborate contracts in place that provide the University with deep discounts on frequently purchased goods and services. Other supplier contracts are in place primarily for ease of use. Still others have no contract.  Because there are a variety of recommended approaches, be sure to note the recommended method buy-pay approach for each supplier in the Buying Guide.

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Process and pay vendor invoices.
Departments should advise vendors to submit invoices directly to Yale Shared Services for processing via the appropriate email address for the type of invoice. Invoices received by the department should be approved, marked as PO or charging, scanned and emailed to the appropriate invoice email address. See the P2P Toolkit for more information.
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Process Yale University Purchasing Card (PCard) transactions and request reimbursement for out-of-pocket business expenses.

Access Service: Access is granted via START.

Learn More: Expense management system (EMS)EMS Tooklit

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The iSupplier Portal is a self-service tool that will allow suppliers to directly access their information during the “procure-to-pay” lifecycle. The iSupplier Portal is accessed via a secured website and includes the following functionality: viewing purchase orders, viewing invoice status, and maintaining supplier master data such as contact information, addresses, and bank accounts.