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Transport, Receiving & Storage (TR&S) provides support for campus moves, storage options, passenger transport and courier services. In addition, TR&S sells surplus furniture and has seven receiving locations across central campus, medical campus, science park and west campus. Order our services here.

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Gerry Apuzzo

John Ghiroli & Dale Smith

Central Stockroom 203-436-4596 John Ghiroli & Dale Smith
Department Relocation 203-436-4592 Wanda Irizarry
Medical Receiving 203-785-5884 Mario Cariello
New Accounts 203-436-4581 Gerry Apuzzo
On-Campus Courier 203-436-4596 Gerry Apuzzo
Out-Of-Town Courier 203-436-4581 Gerry Apuzzo
Passenger Transport 203-436-4581 Gerry Apuzzo
Receiving & Delivery 203-436-4596 John Ghiroli & Dale Smith
Shipping & Pick Up 203-436-4596 or 203 436-4595  John Ghiroli & Dale Smith
Storage Billing Inquiries 203-436-4595 John Ghiroli & Dale Smith
Storage & Retrieval 203-737-3021 or 203-737-3024 Fred Apuzzo and Frank Ramos
Surplus Furniture 203-436-4595 or 203 436-4596

John Ghiroli & Dale Smith

West Campus Storage 203-436-4581 Gerry Apuzzo and John Ghiroli