Department of Transportation

Yale University is currently regulated under Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations and Connecticut DOT (CONNDOT) regulations.  The following types of vehicles fall under these regulations:

  1.  Any vehicle that has a GVWR over 10,000 lbs. or a combined weight when towing a trailer or other type of vehicle resulting in a combined weight over 10,000 lbs and travels outside the State of Connecticut at least once during Yale ownership.
  2. Any vehicle that has a GVWR over18,000 lbs. or a combined weight when towing a trailer or other type of vehicle resulting in a combined weight over 18,000 lbs. and never leaves the State of Connecticut during Yale ownership.
  3. Vehicles that are required to carry a Hazmat placard.

Vehicles that fall into the above categories and drivers of these vehicles must obey the appropriate regulations.  Vehicles must have DOT lettering as prescribed by state regulations, drivers are required to complete online and on-road training as prescribed by the regulations, and Motor Vehicle Record checks are required no less frequently than once per year.  Additionally, drivers must undergo either annual or biannual medical evaluations which must be performed by a professional on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.

Vehicles that fall into the above categories must pull into open weigh stations on their trips.  Vehicles that fall into the above categories may be pulled over by DOT personnel and/or State Police in accordance with the regulations.

Vehicles that leave the state and a 150 mile air radius from New Haven are required to maintain driver logs on the trip and such logs must be available to any officer pulling over the vehicle.  If vehicle is issued an out of service order the vehicle must not be moved until such order expires.  The driver’s supervisor and Yale Fleet must be notified immediately of any out of service orders.

Any FMCSA/DOT violations must be forwarded to Yale Fleet as soon as possible.  Yale Fleet will handle the violation and initiate any contesting of such violation in coordination with the Yale General Counsel’s Office.

Vehicles that have a GVWR or Combined Weight Rating over 26,000 lbs may only be driven or maintained by employees that carry a Commercial Drivers License (CDL).  CDL drivers are required to undergo random Drug and Alcohol Testing.   Yale is a member of a pool managed by Yale New Haven Health and Yale does not select or participate in the selection of drivers.  If a driver fails to maintain his or her CDL of if the CDL is  suspended for any reason the driver must notify their supervisor immediately and such driver is prohibited from operating a vehicle over 26,000 lbs. as noted.

Interpretation of FMCSA, CONNDOT, and CDL Licensing requirements is the responsibility of Yale General Counsel’s Office and Yale Fleet.  Regulations and Policies are subject to change and Yale Fleet will update this page and notify departments of such changes.