Ground Transportation

Group: Travel


Rental Cars

Hertz is Yale’s primary rental car supplier and preferred vendor for all business rentals. To find out rates and more information about Hertz and other rental car companies, click here.

Sedan/Car Services

Private car and sedan services are typically more expensive than taxis and should be used only when valid business reasons preclude the use of more economical transportation. The use of private sedan or car services to attend meetings on or around campus is prohibited.

In the event you do need to use a sedan or car service, we have contracted with several companies that provide Yale travelers with a discount. Click here for more information.

Car Sharing

When traveling locally on behalf of the University, you may want to consider using a car-sharing service such as ZipCar. Once you have enrolled as a member under the Yale program, you can use one of their many vehicles around campus for local meetings or events. For more information, click here.