If a visa is required, it is issued by the country you’re planning to visit. It is an official endorsement inserted into your passport authorizing the bearer to enter or leave, and travel in or through, a specific country or region.

CIBT Servicing Visa Needs for the Yale Community*

CIBT is Yale’s preferred vendor for all visa needs at a discounted price.  These special rates can be accessed by calling CIBT at 800-577-2428 and referencing Yale account number 40634, or you may log in here.

From the website above you can:
  • Request status of up to five travelers at a time
  • Determine if a visa is required for U.S. citizens
  • Access FAQ’s
  • Information on business, tourist, transit, and short-term work visas
  • Learn about U.S. passport processing


Useful Links:

* Only foreign nationals with residency status in countries where CIBT has a local office may use their visa service. Those countries are: U.S., Canada, U.K., Switzerland, France, Spain, Australia, Singapore, Benelux, and Germany. Please click on the CIBT website to find specific locations.

For any other questions and/or requests for assistance on visas from foreign nationalists residing in countries where CIBT does not have offices, travelers will need to contact a local visa service or the closest consulate in their respective country.