Brilliance All Around: Staff members tell us about the ‘brilliant’ work they do

Name Department The work we do
Samantha Beaudet ITS Help Desk Considering people only contact us when something is wrong, we provide assistance with a smile and web genuinely enjoy helping.
Susan Chase Athletics I am so proud of the teamwork of Athletics both on and off the fields, and Facilities. That team work is evident every single day.
Ellen Freiler Yale Press The Press embodies the Yale motto, Lux et Veritas, by spreading light and truth in the form of 300+ new books each year.
Marilyn Serna Maternal Fetal Medicine I am proud of bringing more networking events to the university, thus helping create a fun enviroment where employees feel happy.
Terri Budney School Medicine,
We process the patient payments that are received.
William Craven Financial Planning & Analysis Estimated the financial impact of the Federal Endowment tax on every school and department within Yale University.
Amber Mott School Medicine, Billing and Coding Proud of how hard our coding department works to maximize billing for our physicians!
Asia Neupane MacMillan Center We support research collaborations and academic activities and brilliantly showcase the strengths of our amazing faculty.
Christina Bates Yale Cancer Center Our team at the YCC Office of Research Affairs pulled together an over 2,500 page grant 9/2017 and NCI Site Visit 1/2018. Woohoo!
Andrea Cable Yale Medicine Our team has group activities like weekly coloring club and monthly walks to area attractions and treats; helps us connect.
Adeline Glidden Controller’s Office The Gift Accounting team creates new gifts and endowments in Workday. We ensure each donor’s contribution is working for Yale.
Yari Soto Veterinary Clinical Services VCS provides high quality veterinary care for the animals of YARC.
Jerrilyn Klubek Yale Medicine

I’m a credit analyst on the credit balance team. Our team strives to keep all the patients accounts paid/billed correctly.

Doreen Kutys YM Patient Services Patients call us about the bills they have received. We are the contact between the insurance and Yale. The also call to make p
Kari Coyle and Nicole Chardiet History of Art We provide a warm, welcoming atmosphere to our visitors, faculty, and students.
Wenzhong Liu Pediatrics Teamwork
Constance Delottinville Pediatrics We help determine kids’ reading abilities. We work on a study examining kids’ reading ability, and how the genetics are involved.
Katie Rowe Development, Principal Gifts Building relationships with alumni, engaging them with the university, and advancing Yale’s mission
Heather Walker Clinical Trials Office I’m proud of my team for how well we work together. We always are willing to take on extra work to help each other.
Karina Danvers Internal Medicine AIDS Program We save lives through clinical education! It’s our mission, our work, at the New England AIDS Education and Training Center!
Sylvia Bedard Benefits Planning My team is comprised of progressive thinkers whose commitment and dedication has resulted in continued enhancements to benefits.
William Richo Arts Library Connecting researchers to primary sources and scholarly works
Melanie Norton Access and Delivery Service Everyday our ADS team welcomes people to our library with smiles, and helps our researchers find resources needed.
Sarah Nikkel Development The Major Gifts team works hard all year to develop relationships with alumni and inspire them to support  the university.
Leah Phinney Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Lisa Furino and Jaime Dietz process over 11,000 applications for 70+ programs at the Graduate School each year!
Natasha Rivera-LaButhie Pediatrics My team works with children on a daily basis, testing them on reading, and doing a great job with all of them.
Belinda Rone Medical Development I am proud to see that the hard work of our Development Officers helps to produce great discoveries in cancer research.
Tara Gorvine Development, Stewardship We draft compelling reports to donors about students assigned to scholarship funds.
Judith Basile Ophthalmology The vison that is restored to so many who come through our office—it’s a team effort for sure.
Brandon Dorry Office of Animal Research Support Our office helps researchers with their animal work at Yale. We help before, during, and after the protocol approval process.
Debra Arcangelo-Vitale Best Practices My team, Best Practices, is helping to positively shape the future of Yale’s Union-Management culture.
Teresa Lara-Jaime Chemistry We ensure all instruments, chemicals, and supplies are ready for more than 500 students as part of a strong safety culture.
Jeff Hughes Facilities We move all the students out, clean all the rooms, house commencement guests, then have 2 weeks of reunions—all this in 3 weeks time nonstop.
Rob Stromquist Yale Hospitality I’m proud of my team’s ability to accomplish great events like Staff Appreciation Day!
Bernie C. Staggers Yale Center for the British Art Digitizing our Collection of British Artwork dating back to the 15th century and sharing it with the world via the World Wide Web
Kathleen Rizzo Central Business Office I work with the most dedicated team of men and women for Yale Medicine whose main work goal is perfection on a daily basis!
Elizabeth Genetics Our lab is so proud of our work analyzing exome sequencing while improving our methods and practices to strive for excellence
Mary Beth Massaro Yale Health YH Referrals and Claims Department is a group of the most dedicated workers! There is always a ton of work and they do not give up!
Tarrah Knowlton Faculty Research Management Services FRMS has the most dedicated management and staff I have ever known here at Yale.
Morgan Lavigne Faculty Research Management Services Our FRMS Pre-Award Team helps faculty from FAS contribute to their fields of research by preparing their grant proposals!
James Murray Dining Hi, I am from Silliman Dining Hall, the largest dining hall on campus. We just got done doing the 5th and 20th reunions.
Kristen Plock YSM Development & Alumni Affairs The WWN Family Network, which supports families and provides a chance to learn from each other and many experts at Yale and beyond!
Fiona Williams Law School Business Office I am proud of my team’s cohesiveness, excellent customer service, the commitment and care taken when completing tasks.
Katherine Isham Manuscripts & Archives We take old papers, photographs, media, and digital files, and transform them into resources that inspire and amaze.
Marleen Cullen Anthropology My assistant, Kathy Maslar, and I are proud of all that we do to support our students.
Marta Goldman Development, Reunion Giving I’m so proud that my team raised more than $50 million dollars for Yale this year, surpassing our high-end goals!
Camilla Parente Yale Center British Art, Education Department I’m proud that we welcome all audiences by offering thoughful and creative programs!
Reva H. Goggins Surgery/Transplant I have been employed at Yale School of Medicine since 7/1984.  I started working in the department of surgery organ transplant in
Judith Ahearn Surgery We are proud of our E-Leads. They helped lead a training intiative for Outlook for staff, and are amazing!
Bethany Zemba FAS Dean’s Office (FASDO) Over the last four years, the FASDO staff has created a new office from the bottom up, under the direction of its inaugural dean.
Deqiong Ma


We are working on exome sequencing to make molecular diagnoses for patients. It is simple, great, and we are proud of teamwork itself.

Amy Ruimerman Neurology Going the extra step for patient care! Made a patient’s day by setting up transportation last minute. The patient was very grateful.
Silvia McCallister-Castillo School of Management, MBA for Executives We saw a record 25% rise in applications! We’ve also collaborated with Yale to create impactful events for our students.
Fannie Rogers Yale Health Helping our students, faculty, and staff to take charge of their health and being well at yale.
Ariana Parenti Yale Press Yale University Press disseminates a little ‘Books et Veritas’ through author interviews on our popular weekly podcast.
Mark Bednar Physical Plant Our team does a phenomonal job supporting the students, staff, faculty, alumni, and visitors at all three campuses year round.
Emalie Mayo School of Drama’s Dwight/Edgewood Project The 24th annual Dwight/Edgewood Project successfully taught eight local middle schoolers how to write/produce a play.
Annie Lin Yale-China Association I’m proud my colleagues reflect, debate, and carry out their values every day in promoting a culture of openness and respect.
Serena Crawford Development, Stewardship The stewardship team crafts inspiring stories about students and faculty to engage alumni and donors across the globe.
Anita Sharif-Hyder University-Wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct We do weighty, difficult, and important work in helping parties through the formal UWC process with compassion and dedication.
Marcy Kaufman History The C&T Training and Development Committee is in its 7th year offering training for all C&Ts to advance their careers.
Kitty Clemens Psychiatry At Cedarhurst, we are improving the lives of at-risk adolescents from all over CT!
Andrea DeBenedet-Murgo Faculty Research Management Services FRMS offers superior Pre-Award services to our PIs, and we’re the first team to do so for Yale separating Pre and Post awards.
Elaine Vivero Silliman College We have successfully opened The Acorn, a student-run cafe, the 1st ever in the residential colleges!
Patience Benassi and Erlyn Neri Department of Neuroscience Neuroscience’s business office staff members exemplify teamwork and collaboration. They have regular, ongoing, and open communication on work issues, which forms a solid foundation when urgent needs arise. Our staff are selfless in making time to train each other, and they participate in formal cross-training so they can assist others when needed. They are confident in their work, and deliver excellent business services. This is a big win for our faculty, lab personnel, and students who benefit from superb services from a dedicated staff who diligently support our missions of research and education.