About the Listings

Off Campus Living Listing Service is available to ALL Yale Affiliates, whether you are a student on campus or a visiting lecturer, you may use our search engine to find housing to suit your needs. Visit Search Listing Page.

Helpful Hints

  • The web browser version matters. The Off Campus Housing Listing Service requires a recent web browser for all of the features to work properly. We recommend Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or higher or Safari 5 or higher.
  • Amount fields, for example, Rent or Sale or Deposit etc. These number fields do not allow comas, decimal points or dollar signs. A rent of ‘$1,200.00’ per month needs to be entered as ‘1200’.
  • Pictures must be sized for the web and be in .jpg format. The maximum size is 1 MB.

Off Campus Housing Search Guidelines

Once you have logged in, begin by choosing the type of property that you wish to explore and follow the criteria to determine what you require.

All search terms are optional

If you do not select any, all available properties will be displayed. If you select too many, the search may not display any properties. If you select 2 bedrooms, only 2 bedroom properties will be displayed. Try different combinations until you find all of the properties that interest you.

An explanation of search criteria:


  • Long term refers to academic year or longer
  • Short term refers to 180 days or less
  • Summer sublet refers to available rents during months from May to September
  • Other sublet refers to a rental available until the end of a current lease term

Rental Type:

  • Apartment - A self-contained dwelling, situated with other similar units in a larger building.
  • Efficiency or Studio - A one room apartment usually with a private bath, sometimes with a separate kitchen area. The one room is a combination of bedroom, dining room and living room.
  • Room - A single bedroom usually with a shared bath. May include limited privileges to the kitchen, laundry, yard etc.
  • Share - A special apartment arrangement where one or more persons share an apartment which has an existing rental agreement. Typically an apartment renter looking for a roommate.
  • House - A free standing multi room dwelling built for a single family of occupants.
  • Condo – A group of multi room dwellings where the interior of each dwelling is individually owned and all other condominium property (hallways, walk ways, land etc.) is owned in common by all of the individual unit owners and may be referred to as common area. Typically each owner pays a “Common Area Fee” to maintain the condominium property outside of the unit.

Sale Type: Architecture style of home you’re a looking for, i.e. cape cod, colonial, ranch.

Location: Any of the towns/cities in Connecticut may be selected. There is not necessarily a listing for every town. The majority of listing are located in New Haven and surrounding communities.

Neighborhood: the City of New Haven is divided into neighborhoods – most listings for New Haven are identified by neighborhood. This can be selected but is not necessary to proceed.

Price Range: Monthly rent range can be chosen.

Number of Bedrooms: Allows you to search just for the specific number of bedrooms you need.

Handicapped Accessible: Check this box if this feature is important to you.

Available Before: The earliest date you need the rental or sale property.