2019 Workplace Survey

The 2019 Workplace Survey was open from November 4 through December 6, 2019. The survey gave staff the opportunity to provide feedback to the university addressing areas including: commitment, communication, decision making, development, diversity, innovations, leadership, performance management, productivity, rewards, teamwork, and well-being.

Survey Goals

  1. Discover what workplace issues for improvement are most important to staff members.
  2. Reach a survey participation rate of 80% or higher.
  3. Each department develops and implements action plans for areas identified for improvement within a unit.

Survey Benefits

  1. Gets everyone on the same page.
  2. Offers a chance to share opinions, ideas, and experiences regarding the health of the organization (Yale) and department.
  3. Provides insight into the experiences of staff overall (Yale), by department, and various demographics.
  4. Serves as a roadmap for institutional progress and a compass for institutional change.