2017 Workplace Survey: Be Heard

The 2017 Workplace survey, which closed on March 15, 2017, provided staff feedback to the university along dimensions that make Yale a great place to work:  commitment, communication, decision making, development, diversity, innovations, leadership, performance management, productivity, rewards and teamwork.

Survey Goals

  1. Discover what workplace issues for improvement are most important to staff members.
  2. Reach a survey participation rate of 80% or higher.
  3. Each department develops and implements action plans for areas identified for improvement within a unit.

Yale’s 2017 survey participation rate was 79%–very close to Yale’s goal of 80% –with a total of 7,650 faculty and staff taking the survey.

Take Action

Based on the survey results, department action planning teams are currently developing action plans for their units. Departmental planning activities are designed to identify areas for improvement and to encourage more of what is already contributing to a vibrant and engaging work environment at Yale.

Teams are encouraged to reach out to their human resources generalist (HRG) if they need support with creating and registering their action plan.

More about the 2017 Yale Workplace Survey

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