WPS 2019 Confidentiality Statement

Participants in the Yale 2019 Workplace Survey will retain their confidentiality throughout the survey and in the analysis of the results. The survey is being administered by an outside firm, Mercer-Sirota, on a secure external website and the survey data will not be stored on any Yale computer.

Staff members will not be asked to provide their Net IDs or names at any time. They will be asked to select which unit they work in by division and department from a pull-down menu. If there are fewer than 10 people in a unit or in any demographic category, the data will not be reported for that unit or category, however, it will be rolled up into a division level reports versus a department report.

The survey results will have the number of responses, but no Net IDs or names since no individual information will be known. The survey results, analyzed by Mercer-Sirota will be used by Yale.