Civilian Complaint

The Yale University Police Department takes very seriously its obligation to investigate allegations of police misconduct and will take appropriate action when warranted. The process for reporting a complaint against a member of the department is simple and straightforward. Community members should contact Police Communications at 203-432-4400 and request to see a supervisory officer. A supervisor will respond and take the initial complaint. Most complaints can be resolved expeditiously at that level. Should any complaint require additional investigation, the matter will be referred to the Office of the Chief for investigation.

Civilian Complaint Reports

To submit a civilian complaint, use one of the following forms:

General Order 207: Civilian Complaints, Internal Investigations and Discipline

Police Advisory Board Members 2023-2024

The Yale Police Advisory Board is an independent and diverse group that advises the vice president for human resources and administration on investigations and provides reports resulting from civilian complaints about the Yale Police Department. The seven-member board consists of faculty, staff, students, and a representative of the New Haven community.

  • Staff: Heather Calabrese, Chairperson
  • Staff: Greg Kharabadze
  • Undergrad: Craig Birckhead-Morton
  • Grad Student: Caroline Lefever
  • Faculty: Sarah Mahurin
  • Faculty: Arnim Dontes
  • New Haven Resident: Pastor John Lewis
  • Staff: TBD