Training and Professional Standards

Lieutenant Jay Jones is one of YPD's instructors.Each Yale Police Officer receives Basic Recruit Training in excess of 818 hours followed by 12 weeks of supervised Field Training under the supervision of specially trained Field Training Officers. All Yale University Police Officers must maintain their certification throughout their careers and receive additional training through in-service training programs sponsored by the department or other local, state, or federal agencies.

The Yale University Police Department maintains a full-time Training and Professional Standards Unit, currently assigned to Lt. Jay Jones.  Working under the direction of the Support Services Captain William Kraszewski, Lt. Jay Jones administers the Training and Professional Standards function of the department to include conducting internal affairs investigations, policy & procedure preparation and review, in-service training & certification, and professional development coordination.  In addition, the Training and Professional Standards Coordinator administers the recruiting process for the department and interfaces with Command Staff to conduct various professional standards functions to include audits and inspections of administrative and operational efficiency. In addition, the lieutenant provides additional training to personnel in an effort to expand the department’s knowledge on topics related to campus law enforcement.