ID Card Requests

New ID Requests for Staff and Faculty

New faculty and staff should go to the ID Center on or after your start date to obtain your Yale ID Card.  You will need your NetID and be required to present one of the following forms of government-issued photo identification in order to obtain your ID Card:

  • Passport (USA or International)
  • Driver’s License (USA only)
  • State Issued (Non-driver) ID
  • US Military ID
  • INS ID (Green Card)

The name on your Yale University ID Card must match the government-issued identification. For full information, visit the ID Center website.

New Sponsored Identity ID Card Request Online Form - Contractors, Vendors Casuals, Temporary Staff, Visitors or Vendors
Yale Departments needing ID Cards for contractors, vendors, casuals, temporaray staff, visitors or vendors, now follow the new online Sponsored Identity (SI) process.  For all information about this new process visit

New ID for Students

If you are a new incoming Yale University student, you will be requested to electronically submit a photo for use on your Yale University Student ID Card. For full information on student ID Cards, visit this page.