LiveSafe App


LiveSafe App

What is it?

LiveSafe is an app that gives students, staff, and faculty on campus an effective way to communicate with Yale Police (YPD) via a mobile device. With LiveSafe, you can use your smart phone as a personal security device to provide the YPD with accurate information about yourself and your GPS location. You may allow or block location sharing for any tip used within the app. If you do have your location settings disabled however, your location and information will still be shared with YPD when you use the Emergency Options button, or the Report Tips button within the app.


  • Yale's COVID-19 Website: Quickly access Yale's COVID-19 website for the latest Yale updates and guidance on COVID-19.
  • SafeWalk – a peer-to-peer feature: Walking home alone from your friend’s residence hall or from studying late at the library? You can invite friends and family to temporarily follow your location on a real-time map. They will see you on the map as you walk to your destination and know when you get there safely. SafeWalkers can even chat directly within the app or summon emergency help. The session ends when you tap “stop” – no need to worry about racing home against a timer. Are you worried about a friend? You can also request to follow their location and see him/her on a map.
  • Report Tips: See something suspicious on campus? Maybe someone stole your bike… Help keep your campus safe by sharing information about what is going on around you. With LiveSafe, you can send tips about suspicious activity, mental health issue, theft, or other campus concern directly to the Yale University Police. You can attach a picture, video, or audio and even send it anonymously if you choose.
  • Request a campus escort: Quickly and easily request a campus safety escort with the tap of a button. Campus Safety has your back.
  • Emergency Options: Call or send discrete text messages directly to the Yale Police Department. Your name and current location will be attached to the call/text, enabling YPD to better assist you in an emergency situation. 
  • Safety Map: Find nearby safe spots and get walking or driving directions to those areas. Yale PD can also publish safety concerns directly to the safety map.

Note on sharing your location via LiveSafe

Your location is only shared with Yale PD when you use the Emergency Options or Report Tips features. With Emergency Options, your location will be actively monitored until you tap “stop sharing location”. With Report Tips, a one-time location ping will be attached to any tip you submit but your location will not be monitored. SafeWalk allows you to share your location with friends and family. It is by invite only and can be shared for as long or as short of a time as you choose!

How Do I use it?

Download LiveSafe today: 

  1. Visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and search for “LiveSafe”. Download the option with the blue shield. 
  2. Enter your email and fill out your profile.
  3. Verify you email address by navigating to your email account and opening the message from LiveSafe. Tap the link embedded in the email.
  4. Open LiveSafe. Search for and select “Yale University” as your school.

This information is kept strictly confidential; a third-party vendor, LiveSafe, Inc, manages the database. 

Important Points to Remember

  • In an emergency always dial 911 or use the Emergency Options button to call YPD. LiveSafe’s Report Tips should not replace the standard practice of dialing 203-432-4400 from your cell phone (or 203-432-4400 from a campus phone) to report campus-based police, fire, suspicious circumstances, or medical emergencies to the Yale Police Department.
  • Report Tips and the Call Campus Safety features within LiveSafe should only be used to report on-campus situations. If you are off-campus and would like to notify New Haven PD, call 911 or use their TIPS hotline (1-866-888-8477). The LiveSafe service should only be utilized in areas within the location of Yale University (this DOES include all of Yale’s satellite locations).
  • You can use SafeWalk anywhere and with anyone you choose! This is a peer-to-peer feature.
  • LiveSafe is currently only for use with iPhones and Androids.
  • As with any cell phone usage, certain factors (such as signal strength, type and quality of your phone carrier, and dead spots) can affect the GPS locator accuracy.
  • Your GPS location is only visible if you activate the application in an emergency.  We can never check in on you or locate you without you activating the program.

Submit LiveSafe Tips on the Web

LiveSafe tips can now be submitted from any desk or laptop, same way as a mobile device.

A few things to note

  • This is a live function and all tips submitted will be coming in as real tips into the dashboard.
  • Email and Password are required to login.
  • Must already have a verified LiveSafe account. (Logged into the App and part of the Yale community)
  • Account must have an email. Can't login with a phone number.
  • Login will be saved in the browser. Manual logout and login is required if multiple people are using the same laptop.