Systems and Services

The Public Safety Systems and Services team handles administration and coordination of all public safety systems for the university and Yale Public Safety, including installation, service, and monitoring.

Service Offerings

Access Control Systems: Manage the access control system to regulate entry and exit points across campus facilities. Keycard access ensures that only authorized individuals can access designated areas.

Video: Oversees the installation and maintenance of video cameras placed throughout the campus.

Alarm Systems: Implement and maintain alarm systems to detect and alert authorities of unauthorized access, fire, or other emergencies.

ID Center: Issues and manages ID cards for the university. The Yale ID Center offers the following services: notary public, passport photos, and electronic fingerprinting.

Project Management: The Systems and Services Project Management team oversees all projects related to electronic or physical security systems across campus. Whether a small department-generated upgrade or a major capital project, this team collaborates closely with Yale Facilities, architects, electrical engineers, and other design teams to ensure strict adherence to Yale Security standards. The project management team provides direction and supervision to general and electrical contractors and security integrators, ensuring that every aspect of the project meets the highest quality and safety standards. They are responsible for reviewing project costs and conducting performance evaluations of integrators, ensuring accountability and efficiency throughout the process, and crafting project plans that align with Yale Public Safety objectives

Access Requests

Business Managers with authorized privileges can submit access requests by emailing For questions, or to report an outage, email or call 203-432-OPEN.