C&T Scene: Showing Teamwork, Dec. 2020

What is teamwork and how can I show it in the workplace?
Teamwork is often what makes or breaks a workplace. A successful team is when each individual’s unique skills and strengths are instrumental in reaching the goal of the team in an effective way. It builds strong working relationships, builds trust, and improves communication. A lack of it can cause divisions and can ultimately lead to negative consequences for individuals or for a whole organization.

Teamwork is working cooperatively with others and offering assistance and support when needed. A person who is a team player is adaptable and open to change and is committed to working towards a shared goal.

Here are ways you can demonstrate teamwork in the workplace:

  • Consider how achieving results can benefit you, your team, and Yale when you are given an assignment.
  • Share information, thoughts, and ideas freely to make room for innovation.
  • Encourage different opinions.
  • Understand your role and accountability on projects.
  • Be transparent and honest when problems arise and collectively problem-solve to meet your goal.
  • Listen actively to show you genuinely want to understand what the other person is saying and ask follow-up questions for clarity and to confirm understanding.
  • Share ideas to improve each other’s work.
  • Don’t dominate conversations and encourage quiet colleagues to contribute their unique skills and abilities.

What are skills that I can continue to enhance to be a good team player?
Remember, teammates must be able to count on one another, and the highest compliment that you can receive from coworkers is that they can count on you. 

Ask yourself – do I know my responsibilities, and can I perform these responsibilities with excellence? Do I demonstrate confidence in my abilities and can my co-workers count on me to deliver?

Your reputation to consistently deliver with appropriate skill level is what your manager and co-workers count on.

Traits that help to achieve this are:

  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Active Listening
  • Effective questioning
  • Problem solving
  • Using critical thinking
  • Collaboration
  • Taking accountability for your work
  • Displaying honesty and empathy

We invite you to evaluate your current skill set for being an effective team member and identify areas of improvement. Then be sure to practice and continue to get feedback on your progress. Here is a video that will help YOU to be the best part of your team: Being an effective team member.