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IT Staff Spotlight – Jaime Tryon, Project Manager, Student and Academic Support Systems

IT Staff Spotlight – Jaime Tryon.

Throughout Jaime Tryon’s career, she has learned that many skills are transferrable, and individuals can pivot in unexpected ways. As a project manager in Student and Academic Support Systems (SASS), Jaime works on the “technical side of the house.” She started her still burgeoning employment journey on the functional side of higher education.

Born in Colorado, Jaime grew up hiking and camping with her family. She received a B.A. in French and cross-cultural studies from Whitworth University and an M.A. in strategic communication from Washington State University. She worked in France teaching French as part of a study abroad program in between degrees.


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Returning to Yale: Snapshots

While some of Yale’s staff members have been working remotely since March 2020, others have been here all along, supporting the campus community. We have been sharing snapshots of life on campus over the last several months as more and more colleagues have returned and are returning—featuring our people, places, and traditions.