Campus benches

When was the last time you just sat down on a campus bench and visited with a colleague? Now that we can still do so without a mask, consider taking advantage of the healthy benefits that work friendships bring to our lives. Research shows that engaging with friends increases your sense of belonging and purpose, boosts your happiness, and reduces stress.

Farmington Canal Heritage Trail

Enter the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail on bikes or on foot at 24 Hillhouse Avenue and discover that the paved path connects Yale’s central campus to Science Park. Continue past Science Park, and trail travel 84 miles to Northampton, Mass. Staff often choose biking the trail to and from work, running or walking it during lunchtime, or strolling along it to meetings.

The Yale Farm

Yale Sustainable Food Program’s Jeremy Oldfield, Yale Farm manager, and Jacquie Munno, manager, International and Professional Experience, prune tomatoes, harvest marigolds. During COVID, Farm produce went to New Haven hunger relief groups. The team also cultivated plant-based dyes: marigolds, indigo, tansy, scabiosa. Since students couldn’t gather over pizza events, they dyed masks for local partners, and more.

Peabody Museum Collections at West Campus

Peabody’s Cathy Lash, vertebrate paleontology preparator, cleans and repairs fossil specimen oreodont, which represents an extinct group of mammals that lived between 40 and 5.3 million years ago. We observed Cathy in the Vertebrate Paleontology Preparation Lab at Yale West Campus while touring with Tim White, director of Museum Collections & Research.

Food trucks and outdoor dining

The food trucks that line up daily on Sachem Street in front of Yale’s hockey rink are a big draw during lunchtime all year long, but more so when the weather is nice. Many staff members and students buy their meals and then cross the street to sit at the picnic tables on the terrace next to Pauli Murray College.

Information Technology Data Center Operations Center

Images of servers fall under the watchful eye of Peter Morazzini, shift coordinator in the Information Technology (IT) Data Center Operations Center. This is where Yale’s Computing Systems and Applications, Networks, Public Safety Switches, Phones, and Data Center Infrastructure are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Peter’s support keeps Yale’s IT environment running smoothly.

Yale Center for Molecular Discovery

In the Yale Center for Molecular Discovery on West Campus, Montrell Seay and Laura Abriola, biotechnology associates, carry out their work of partnering with Yale scientists who are looking for new or modified drugs to advance their translational research. In aiding target and drug discovery, Montrell and Laura have access to 300,000 small molecules and 18,000 genomic probes.

Yale University Art Gallery

A June trip to the Yale University Art Gallery, a day closed to patrons, found Museum Technician Alicia Van Campen, Exhibitions Department, replacing light bulbs while Gustave Corbet’s La Liberté (1875) looked on, basking in the spotlight. This bronze sculpture (with dark brown patina) was given to the Gallery as a gift by Richard L. Feigen, B.A. 1952.

Nathan Hale statue on Old Campus

Hail Nathan! Consider Nathan Hale’s heroism in the Revolutionary War—schoolteacher turned spy for the Continental Congress; hung by the British in 1776; purported to have said, “I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country.” This Old Campus statue stands next to Connecticut Hall where Nathan lived as a Yale student (B.A. 1773, M.A. 1776).

Yale Visitor Center

There’s an open dog—rather door—policy at the Visitor Center and Handsome Dan XIX (aka Kingman) is never shy about seeing what his colleague Patrick Pitoniak, assistant director, is up to. While the Center is still closed and only running virtual tours, staff members are back working together as a team—Handsome Dan included, when he is not making appearances.

Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage

Art Gallery painting conservator Sydney Nikolaus treats an oil study by Edwin Austin Abbey (1852-1911) from the Gallery’s collection for his Holy Grail murals in the Boston Public Library. Working in the Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage’s shared conservation lab on West Campus, she carefully removes surface grime and hazy white efflorescence material.

Yale Department of Pharmacology lab

Lei Zhang, research associate, is at work in Yale’s Department of Pharmacology lab, which is led by Dr. Anton Bennett, professor of Pharmacology and Comparative Medicine. Lei supports research that Dr. Bennett says “uses multidisciplinary approaches to understand the impact of protein phosphorylation in cell signaling and its health-related impact in metabolic diseases.”

Yale West Campus

It was a “picture-perfect” June afternoon when a walk on Yale’s West Campus (YWC) revealed landscaped green space that has transformed 9 acres. New pathways connect the research buildings and lead to the Conference Center hub. YWC is home to 7 institutes comprising partners from university departments, schools, and museums, and also to the Yale School of Nursing.

Sterling Memorial Library

Barbara Rockenbach (left), the Stephen F. Gates ’68 university librarian, and Sara Machowski, senior executive assistant, carry on their day-to-day business in their Sterling Memorial Library offices. Barbara joined Yale in July 2020, four months into the pandemic, and reminds us that the library has been open the entire time—online at first, now in person.

Yale High Street Bridge

When was the last time you walked under Yale’s High Street Bridge? It’s likely been a while. But the next time you do, look up, and you’ll see four architectural reliefs of winged females, which represent Architecture, Drama, Painting, and Sculpture. The bridge and its winged women were designed by architect Egerton Swartwout (Class of 1891) in 1928.

Yale Center for British Art

On June 4, Yale Center for British Art re-opened to the public for the first time since a three-weekend opening in fall 2020. Here, Jennifer Lahert, Yale security officer, greets two visitors. The Center will be open on Fridays, noon to 7:00 p.m., and Saturdays and Sundays, noon to 4:00 p.m. Free timed-entry tickets are strongly encouraged. A total of 668 people visited on this first weekend.

IT’s Engineering and Operations team

IT’s Operations team, led by David Highsmith, gathered for the camera at 25 Science Park on a recent May afternoon (left to right): Kelsey Viani, Eric Alford, Jeff Brown, Brian Murray, Antonio Valderrama, Victor Soto; not pictured is Phil Mondo. Also not pictured are Engineering team members led by Tim Sheets: Dean Baruffi, Paul Johnson, Tony Ventura.

Sachem's Wood

Renovated Sachem's Wood park

Next time you’re in the vicinity of Sachem’s Wood (off Sachem Street), feel free to admire this renovated green space whose design aims to connect Science Hill to the rest of central campus. Find curving walkways bordered by fresh landscaping, new benches, and grey cobblestone runnels (efficient water drainage). Walk around, take a seat. Enjoy yourself.

Yale Athletics

Alex Barmore (right), chief of staff and director of Football Operations, hands Sam Rubin, assistant director of Strategic Communications, completed swab kits from the Mandi Schwartz Marrow Donor Registration Drive at Yale. Football team members swabbed their cheeks to join Be The Match Registry as possible genetic matches for patients needing marrow transplants.

Commencement 2021

Yale security guards survey Old Campus

Two Yale Security staff members survey Old Campus in all its Commencement 2021 finery. This year’s 600 socially distanced chairs have been welcoming Yale graduates in seven separate ceremonies over the course of four days. These in-person celebrations, albeit without visitors, remind us of this joyous time of year on campus, especially when the sun shines.

Yale Printing and Publishing (YPPS)

Every year like clockwork, Yale Printing and Publishing Services (YPPS) produces programs, booklets, signage, certificates, diplomas, and so much more, for Yale Commencement. Here, Mable Thorne, printing representative, fills the Class Day bags that Yale College students will receive for the May 23 virtual event. YPPS produced over 1,200 bags; created the 2021 Commencement website; and prints all Yale diplomas this Friday night.

Berkeley College Dining Hall

While some staff members have been working remotely since March 2020, others have been here all along, supporting the campus Community. We’ll be sharing snapshots of life on campus over the next few months as we return to Yale—featuring our people, places, and traditions. Recently, we got a look inside Berkeley College’s dining hall where Joel Alberto, third cook, was cooking up something delicious.