COVID-19 Staff Heroes - Yale Hospitality

Hospitality staff memberThey say not all heroes wear capes—well, at Yale University, some of them wear chef coats.

Nicole White, First Cook at Trumbull Dining, and Craig Staffey, CSC Garde Manger, are just two of Hospitality’s many staff members who have demonstrated unparalleled commitment, leadership, and poise during this unprecedented time.

Nicole White has put her family and personal life aside, displaying incredible dedication and ownership to create a home away from home for the students remaining on campus. Nicole’s calming and positive attitude has created a comfortable environment for students coming to pick-up food, and for her entire team working day in and day out. She has modeled a culture of accountability; where everyone is looking out for each other’s physical and emotional wellbeing. Nicole takes pride in serving students on campus and ensuring they are taken care of, no matter what the circumstances.  

Craig Staffey has been a true Hospitality hero for our campus. With just a small window to plan, he collaborated with the Culinary Support Center Management team to develop and build out a to-go program that supports six different locations, seven days a week. In a matter of days, he flipped the switch from preparing platters and meals for Catering guests to building to-go breakfast and lunch meals for approximately 300 guests per day. He established new systems and communicated those expectations to a rotating workforce, working diligently to keep everyone on the same page. He demonstrated leadership, collaboration, and poise during an ever-evolving time. Craig inspired and empowered his team to continue his work during his off days, leaning on key team members such as Rusty Hamilton and Shenique Sims to keep the process moving.

Craig arrives at the CSC at 4:00 a.m., rolls up his sleeves, and gets to work serving undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, and first responders. His commitment to our campus community makes him a true Hospitality hero.

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