Matt Cusmano of YPPS Recognized

June 23, 2015

Matt Cusmano (second from the right) recently received a surprise #outoftheblue.  Joining him in the photo from LtoR are Frank Savino, Steve Taylor and YPPS Director Jeff Gworek.

Matt Cusmano (holding balloon), YPPS Printing Assistant, was recently recognized for “going above and beyond” his normal duties due to several co-workers being out on sick leave.  A note calling out his outstanding performance was sent by Jill Johnson, YPPS’ Finance Manager.  She mentioned his “very positive manner and professionalism” during a busy time of year with several people in his department out and him gladly picking up the slack.  Way to go Matt!

Photo: From LtoR are Frank Savino, Steve Taylor, Matt Cusmano and YPPS Director Jeff Gworek