Security Manager Gary Mays Receives #outofthebluethanks

July 11, 2016

Security Manager Gary Mayes Receives #outofthebluethanks

Recently, Yale Security Manager Gary Mays received a surprise #outofthebluethanks during a routine staff meeting. He was recognized for his outstanding service assisting an elderly gentleman who had fallen at a campus event.

Yale alum Lisa DiPrete was visiting campus with her parents when her dad had a medical emergency. Gary jumped right in to help, calling 911 and trying to keep everyone calm.  Lisa later sent a letter of thanks to Gary and his supervisor stating, “You were steady and calm throughout and I appreciate those qualities so much. Your demeanor helped keep my dad in positive frame of mind. I owe you one.”

During the mini staff recognition ceremony, Gary received a thank you note and #outofthebluethanks baseball cap.