Michael Madera, Yale Mail Service Manager, Receives Thanks!

August 30, 2016

Yale Mail Service Manager Mike Madera recently received a big thanks from Deputy Vice President Janet Lindner and former Head of Pierson College Penelope Laurens. Through his dogged persistence he located an important piece of first-class mail intended for a member of Pierson College that was sitting in a lost mail pile at a regional United States Post Office.  There had been an addressing mishap when it was mailed and it contained vital documents desperately needed by an undergraduate.  Mike spent many days calling several local postmasters and finally one of the towns found it!

A note of thanks was sent to his supervisor stating that his “miraculous and persistent work” made this story have a happy ending!  Mike received a surprise visit, thank you card and #outofthebluethanks baseball cap. 

Congrats Mike!