Candice Zarr Thanked for Stellar Work on Website Project

November 3, 2016

Recently, Project Manager Candice Zarr was thanked for her work on the It’s Your Yale website project.  Candice, who is an independent contractor, was brought in to help guide this very large and complicated project. It was the first time at Yale that over 40 websites (and 5000 pages) from three different divisions were combined into one.  Candice was assigned to work with the core team and came in about half way through the project’s timeline. She stepped right in and kept the committee together, on task and on schedule!  The It’s Your Yale website launched as planned on August 12th and the core project team owes much to Candice’s strong guidance, tenacity, and juggling abilities.

One team member took a moment to write a note of thanks to Candice’s supervisor:

“I wanted to send a note of appreciation about all the work Candice did on the It’s Your Yale project. While this was a team effort with everyone pulling their weight, I can say with great certainty that we owe the success of the project in part to Candice’s amazing project management skills.  She was always in the middle of a perfect storm daily, balancing all that went on between our team, the consultant and ITS.  She kept us all together, kept us on task and never lost her cool.  I admire her very much and wanted someone to know what an important part she played in getting the website launched.”

Candice was surprised with a thank you note and gift at a recent meeting.  But Candice never stops, while this project is winding down she is on to the next one. Thanks again Candice!