New Sponsored Identity system is now available

December 8, 2016

The new self-service Sponsored Identity (SI) application is now available for requesting and managing Sponsored Identities. A Sponsored Identity request is required for all individuals who do not meet the criteria of being a Student, Employee, or Contingent Worker and have a valid business reasons for physical access (ID card) and/or system access (NetID) to Yale resources.

How do I request a Sponsored Identity (SI)?

  1. Review Sponsored Identity Access Procedure.  
  2. Enter a request via the Sponsored Identity application.
    • Requests are approved by Lead Administrator and/or Operations Manager within the appropriate Workday Supervisory Organization.
  3. Upon receipt of the email indicating that the Sponsored Identity process has been completed, you may forward a copy of the email to and request a PIN.
  4. Continue to Request all other access, if needed, as you currently do including VPN, Email and other system access.
  5. For ID Cards: You can now forward the SI completion email along with appropriate charging instructions, if applicable, to the ID Center—This is in lieu of completing the ID request form.

How do I approve a Sponsored Identity (SI) request?

Lead Administrators and Operations Managers will start receiving emails requesting approval of SI. Instructions for approving and rejecting requests are contained within the emails. 

For assistance with Sponsored Identity

  • Questions on whether an individual is eligible for Workday or to become a Sponsored Identity, please refer to this document.  If questions still remain, please reach out to the Employee Services Center at 203-432-5552 or .
  • For detailed background information, view “What you need to know about Sponsored Identities” on the SI website.
  • For detailed information on Sponsored Identity types as well as eligibility review the procedure here

For assistance with the Sponsored Identity application

  • Review instructions on how to create or approve a Sponsored Identity request here.
  • Contact the ITS Help Desk at 203-432-9000 or email