Overview of Workday Grant Mapping

December 9, 2016

Further information about the conversion of grants from Oracle to Workday has been provided to help department business offices refine their Workday Chart of Accounts (COA) structures and mappings for historical conversions.

The document, which is located on the Workday COA website addresses the following topics:

  • Overview of the Oracle-to-Workday Grant conversion
  • Award & Grant structures in Workday
  • PTAO combinations mapping to Workday
  • Cost share and salary over the cap structures
  • Subawards
  • General guidance for business offices

Instructions, resources and tools are available on the Workday COA website to help departmental business offices perform the review and update of their Workday COA segments and mappings. Please contact Chris Farmer, Business Operations subject matter expert for Sponsored Projects, if there are additional questions or concerns.