Two Security Officers Thanked for their Outstanding Service

December 22, 2016

Yale staff recognition #outofthebluethanks

During a recent 6:30 a.m. roll call, Yale Security Officers Noel Cordero and Shiara Figueroa were recognized for their outstanding service with a surprise #outofthebluethanks.  A letter was sent on their behalf by a staff member in Surgery who commended them for being “gracious enough to” help her everyday get in and out of the building safely, even helping her carrying packages to her office.  The letter stated that the individual was semi-handicapped and that they helped her almost daily and “all of this is done without me ever asking, and for someone in my predicament this is a blessing.” 

During the mini-ceremony Noel and Shiara were given a thank you note, gift and round of applause.