Nancy Beausoleil of YPPS Recognized for Excellent Customer Service and More!

February 14, 2017

It was just another day in the office for Nancy Beausoleil, who is a Project Manager at Yale Printing and Publishing Services (YPPS). That was until she was pleasantly surprised with an #outofthebluethanks mini ceremony, during which she is given a thank you card, gift and read to from glowing emails written on her behalf.

Not one, but two letters were sent to Nancy Beausoleil’s manager praising her stellar customer service.  The two senders, from the Department of Surgery, lauded Nancy for being “patient, friendly and providing great customer service.” In addition they wrote about her being “dedicated, hard-working, compassionate, well-spoken and diligent.” Nancy was very touched by the letters and the ceremony and immediately donned the Yale baseball cap.

In the photo, Nancy is flanked by Frank Savino YPPS, Associate Director (L) and YPPS Director Jeff Gworek (R).