The Relocation & Logistics Team Thanked for Their After 5 Diligence

February 15, 2017

Last minute and late night calls are the norm for Yale’s Relocation & Logistics Team, Diane Brown, Manager and Tom Schmidt, Assistant Manager.  These individuals work quietly to move a lot of people and tons of materials, artifacts and equipment–and I mean tons!

Recently, they were called upon late in the day to help move someone immediately.  To successfully pull this off, it required Tom working the phones until 10 p.m. on his day off and Diane jumping in easily to continue the process very early the next morning. The move required particular needs and Tom and Diane, with their many years of experience, had all the right resources put in place quickly and without issue.

A letter was sent on their behalf lauding the “fabulous job” they did and the “great work” it took to pull this off so quickly and (what looked like) effortlessly.

During the surprise #outofthebluethanks mini-ceremony, they were both stunned and said “we were just doing our jobs!”  This is the second #outoftheblue for this mighty team of two! Congrats!!

By Lisa M. Maloney, Yale Administration