HR staff changes announcement

August 21, 2017

Jennifer Cinque, Director of Staffing, is taking on a challenging and critical role as Director of Organizational Development. With the expansion of Organizational Effectiveness & Staff Development to include change management, Jen will report to Elena DePalma and focus on a number of key initiatives to build organizational strength. Jen and her team at Staffing have made critical inroads in the areas of recruitment and staffing. Developing talent is close to Jen’s heart and this assignment will build on her expertise and commitment.

Geraldine Sullivan, Director of Employee Relations for Yale School of Medicine (YSM), will expand her role to lead the Staffing organization as Senior Director, Staffing and YSM Human Resources. She will continue to report to Donna Cable in this expanded position. Geraldine joined Yale Human Resources in 2008 and, since 2013, has been director of Employee Relations at YSM, where she has led organizational assessment and improvement initiatives.