Mark Smith Recognized for Outstanding Personal Service

September 21, 2017

Mistakes happen. In the very fast paced world we find ourselves living in, they can happen simply by hitting “enter.”  It’s nice when someone intercepts the issue before the mistake hits the fan.  Mark Smith was that someone for Yale Admissions last spring.

Mark is a Customer Service Rep at Yale Printing and Publishing Services. He was recently recognized for his outstanding service helping Yale Admissions track a wayward admit package. The admit package had already been delivered to the post office.  But Mark took it upon himself to contact USPS, tell them to hold that group of packages, and then he personally went over to search for it–through several mail bins.  Luckily for all concerned, he was able to locate it and return it to the Admissions Office before it got mailed. 

The grateful folks at Admissions took the time to send a note of thanks lauding Mark for his “remarkable level of customer service” for which they “were enormously relieved and impressed and appreciative of his efforts.”

Mark was surprised with an #outofthebluethanks mini ceremony during which the letter was read to him, and he received a thank you note and gift. 

Mark new title should be “Outstanding Customer Service Rep!”