Building renovations must be managed through Yale Facilities

January 31, 2018

Yale departments requiring any type of renovations to their buildings or exterior spaces, must work through the Yale Office of Facilities. In accordance with Yale University building requirements, ALL renovations to any Yale Building MUST be managed through the Yale Office of Facilities (Physical Plant/Project Management Group). Renovations are defined as any structural changes that are made to the interior or exterior of any building, sidewalks and parking lots. These include but are not limited to electrical, plumbing, painting, carpentry, hanging of pictures or plaques in Yale common spaces, flooring, HVAC, roofing, gardening, masonry and pavement work.

This does not include unsecured furniture (ex: desk, chairs, sofa, etc.) or any non-permanent or free-standing item or object installation. 

The use of any Yale University contracted supplier does not exempt you or a department from the requirement of notifying, using and receiving approval from the Yale Office of Facilities (Physical Plant or Project Management) prior to work commencing.

If there is any question as to what may or may not be acceptable, you are asked to contact the Yale Office of Facilities/Physical Plant at 203-432-1834 or email to