Important: Some financial report schedules must be edited

January 24, 2018

Several reports have been updated to merge the Cost Center Hierarchies and Cost Center prompts into one prompt providing a noticeable performance improvement.  This new prompt will still allow you to run a report at either the Cost Center leaf level or one of the Cost Center Hierarchy levels.  If you have previously scheduled any of these reports, you must edit the schedule and re-enter your saved prompt values for Cost Center and Cost Center Hierarchy.

To update your saved filter:

  1. Execute the task ‘Manage My Saved Filters’ which will update your filter and the schedule, OR
  2. Run the report ‘Scheduled Future Processes’ to find your process/schedule and modify your filters as shown below.
  3. Enter the Cost Center / Cost Center Hierarchies prompt, then select OK.


  • If you do not update the Cost Center / Cost Center Hierarchies prompt, your current schedules will not fail, but will run with no values entered for the new prompt.
  • Additional reports are planned to be updated for performance improvements so stay tuned for further details.

Reports Updated:

  • Detailed Transactions - Yale
  • Financial Statement - Yale
  • Account Balances Detail - Yale
  • Sponsored Budget to Actuals with Commitments - Yale
  • SOA Actuals by Planning Unit Groupings - Yale
  • SOA Actuals and Commitments vs Financial Plan - Yale
  • SOA by Mission - Yale
  • SOA Actuals by Fund Summary - Yale
  • SOA Budget by Planning Unit Groupings - Yale
  • SOA YTD Actuals with 3 Year Trend - Yale
  • SOA YTD Summary by COA Segment - Yale
  • SOA YTD Variances by Financial Plan - Yale
  • Gift Account Balances - Yale
  • Account Balances Summary - Yale
  • Assets and Liabilities - Yale
  • Financial Transactions - Yale
  • Fund Transfer Review - Yale
  • COA Usage by Fund Summary - Yale
  • Multi-Year Budget to Actuals - Yale
  • Budget to Actuals for Management Office Reporting - Yale
  • Transactions Summary by Month - Yale
  • Trend Analysis by Ledger Account - Yale
  • GSPS Supplemental Commitment Report - Yale
  • Gift Contributions - Yale
  • Gift Holding Account Status and Designation - Yale
  • Gift Endowments and Spendable Gifts - Provost - Yale
  • Sponsored High Risk Expenditures - Yale
  • Charges on Awards that are On Hold or Closed  - Yale
  • Salary by Fund - Yale
  • Salary by Program Mission - Yale