New Process for Leaves of Absence

January 17, 2018

Yale has expanded its partnership with the existing life insurance and disability administrator, The Standard, to include leave administration support.  On Sunday, February 4, 2018, Yale will transition the administration of leaves of absence to The Standard. Yale will continue to have on-site staff who are available to provide counseling and coaching about a leave as related to Yale policies, benefits and pay.

Employees currently on leave will receive a mailed communication at the end of January outlining appropriate actions.  Please review the summary of the changes below and plan to attend an orientation session if you are a supervisor with staff on leave or with staff likely to request a leave in 2018.

Changes at-a-glance 

  • Initiating a request for a leave
    Employees will now submit all requests for a leave of absence (LOA) by either a phone or online request managed by our partner, The Standard. Note that the phone number for requesting a leave of absence remains the same: 1-203-432-5552, but now employees will press option #4. Managers will be notified by email after the initial intake is completed and before a decision is made.  Managers will continue to be notified of all approvals and denials through email notifications administered by our partner, The Standard.
  • Time Tracking and Pay
    Managers are no longer responsible for time tracking of Family Medical Leave (FML) for intermittent leaves in Kronos, but must continue to document pay affiliated with an absence by using the Kronos Quick Leaves Editor.  

    If a direct report has an intermittent leave, s/he is expected to continue informing his or her manager of each occurrence for time away from work due to the approved FML.  Employees will also be responsible for logging time on leave - within 24 hours - through the process administered by The Standard.  Time can be logged by either calling The Standard (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) or entering time in the employee’s online profile located on The Standard’s website.  After the time is logged, managers will receive an automated email confirmation. 

  • During a leave
    Beginning on 2/4/18, managers, HR partners and strategic business partners (lead administrators) will have self-service access to The Standard’s online portal to LOA case information (not medical information) for employees who report to them.  At any point in time, managers can log into The Standard’s online portal to check the leave claim status (received/approved/denied), confirm the start and end date, and time tracking.  In February, guides with directions for accessing the online portal, will be available on the Leaves of Absence website. Note that employees will also have access to their own accounts through this portal.
  • Employees will continue to work directly with their managers to discuss time away and dates for returning to work. 
  • The Leaves of Absence website will be updated with processes and reference materials by February 4.

To assist in understanding the new processes, information sessions have been scheduled for managers, starting January 22nd.