Portfolio Report Package Improvements

January 4, 2018

A new PI Portfolio Package Template in Excel is available in Workday to provide the following improvements:

  • Commitments displayed in columns by month.
  • Signage has been modified.
  • GSPS Student Name has been added.
  • Report tabs with no data are hidden.
  • The months that the report was run are returned in each individual report.
  • Award Line Lifecycle Status is included; award lines that are closed are excluded.
  • Non-portfolio reports can be selected to include in the report group.

You must attach the new Excel template to insure your reports to run correctly.  See Create and Schedule Portfolio Reports for Principal Investigators for a link to the PI Portfolio Package Template and instructions to download the file, on page 2 of the Training Guide.


The Portfolio Package has been modified to include signage so that positive/negative signs are consistent to the presentation on the old Account Holder Report.  Revenues are positive, expenses are positive, projected balances are positive, and projected deficits are negative.

GSPS Student Name

The Student Name for Graduate Student Payment Systems (GSPS) commitments will be included in Portfolio Reports in the “employee” column.

Solutions for Frequently Encountered Issues

  1. An Award or Grant is missing from the report.  Why?
    • The reports use the Principal Investigator (PI) role to determine which Awards and Grants appear on the reports.  There is both an Award and Grant PI.  Check to see if this role is assigned correctly for the Award and Grant in question.  If not, you should contact your OSP Accountant for help correcting.
    • If there is no activity and no budget on a Grant, it will not display on the report.  To rectify, enter a budget (even $1 will suffice.)
  2. Commitments do not appear for a grant.
    • If Commitments do not appear on either the Account Summary report or the Portfolio Commitments report, it is likely that a budget has not been entered for the Current Budget Period (sometimes called Installment Period). The reports have logic to limit the future commitments by the end of the current budget period.  In order to do this, there must be a budget entered for the current period.  Please enter a budget for the grant in the current budget period.
    • If commitments appear on the Account Summary report but not the Portfolio Commitments report, it is likely the PI is not assigned the role as the Grant PI.  If this is not correct, please contact your OSP Accountant.
    • There are also circumstances where if a no-cost extension has been granted, and the existing budget period has been extended within Workday, the report does not recognize the budget period date change unless an amendment to the budget is made. Therefore, if you think this might be the cause, make a minor amendment.
  3. The F&A on commitments is not calculated correctly.
  • In most (not all) cases, this is due to a timing difference between when the F&A commitments were calculated and when the report was run. All transactions within Workday are reported in “real-time.”  However, F&A on commitments is not a native function of Workday, and is instead a process that Yale wrote to post these transactions.  This process runs daily, which means that if changes are made after the process is run, the calculation will be incorrect until the process runs next. This applies to changes in payroll allocations, creation of PO’s, payment of invoices, etc. The new format of the Portfolio Commitments report which details Commitments by Month will be helpful in identifying the transactions that could be causing the difference. If you feel the difference is not related to a timing issue and is not resolved after the process is run next, then please submit a case to the FSC.