The 25 Science Park United Way Champions thank you for your generosity

February 22, 2018

A new and successful approach was taken to raise funds at 25 Science Park for the United Way this year. We are pleased to report that over $50,000 in donations were raised!!  We greatly appreciate your generosity, and more importantly, the enormous impact this will make to our community. The collective efforts of the overall Yale-United Way campaign have brought Yale very close to the ambitious goal of $1,350,000 overall!

The 2017-2018 25 Science Park United Way campaign concluded with an invigorating event that was held on Friday, February 2, 2018:

United Way gathering photo. The room was buzzing with colleagues from every corner of 25 Science Park who came together to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate the final event of this year’s United Way campaign.

The ambiance

Outstanding music was provided by “The Band.” Left to right: Bill Welch, John Gwan, Ed Morcaldi and Christina Molina.

There was a lot of singing and dancing going on.

Thanks for the great music!

United Way event. Staff playing music photo.
Staff playing cards at United Way event.

The setback tournament finals

This year’s competition saw eight teams competing to be the coveted champions of the 25 Science Park Setback Tournament.

Marty Wallace and Steve Watkins won a very close and exciting game, taking over an hour to overcome Mike Panzo and Eric Grenier. Congratulations Marty and Steve.

Clockwise from left: Mike Panzo, Marty Wallace, Michael Dunlap, Dan Tinari, Eric Grenier, and Steve Watkins.

And the winners are…
The extremely popular basket raffle attracted 145 colleagues, hoping for a chance to win one of six creative themed baskets. The winners are:

  • Instant Super Bowl Party - John Eberhard
    Donated by the Office of Research Administration
  • Pot of Gold – Michael Gadwah
    Donated by the 6th Floor United Way Champions
  • Mediterranean Market – Eric Darden
    Donated by ITS Campus Technology Services
  • $200 Pot of Gold – Steffi Harris
    Donated by Information Technology Business Office
  • Toast Your Winnings – Lisa Merola-Grimm
    Donated by ITS Campus Community Technologies
  • Be Smart! – Mark Murphy (pictured left)
    Donated by ITS Foundational Technologies Group
Mark wins prize at United Way event photo.

Pie a boss

Proving to be a popular event, several managers put on a brave face to be slammed with a pie by friends and colleagues. Here are just a few:

Pie throwing at United Way staff event photo. Staff pie throwing event photo.
Left to right: Jeff Campbell and Cheryl Boeher Left to right: Ryan Schlagheck and Shane Anderson

When donating to the United Way, remember, a little goes a long way, for example: $7 delivers two weeks of groceries to a home bound senior; $10 provides five books to five kindergartners; $15 enable one day of after-school programming; $50 offers one financial training course for five partners; and $100 provides eight sheltered nights for an individual. The 2017 Yale - United Way Community Report provides further information on the value our gifts make and relays personal and specific examples.

If you haven’t yet done so, please consider making a one time or monthly donation online. Every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference, and the University matches dollars for those newly giving through payroll deduction or those increasing their contribution from last year. Make every dollar count!

And finally, stay tuned for news of some exciting University-wide events we are planning for the spring.

Thank you from all of our 25 Science Park United Way Champions!

Gina Anastasio Patricia Macero
Shane Anderson Chris Owens
Steve Arnold Konstantza Popova
Jeff Campbell Kay Ratanasaka
Paul DiBello Russell Sharp
Julie FitzGerald Cyndi Welsh
Cynthia Kane