How to schedule reports with the Combined Cost Center / Cost Center Hierarchies prompt

February 7, 2018

As previously communicated in the January 24 update, several reports have been updated to merge the Cost Center Hierarchies and Cost Center prompts into one prompt providing a noticeable performance improvement.  If you wish to schedule reports using this new prompt, you must now save a report filter. Read More

The Cost Center / Cost Center Hierarchies Prompt: How it Works

The prompt named Cost Center / Cost Center Hierarchies validates against the security that was granted for the Cost Center Financial Analyst (CCFA) role.  This role can be granted at any level of the Cost Center Hierarchy including individual Cost Centers.  You can review your access by using the “View Role Assignments for Worker Position” within your Workday Profile.

Some Cost Centers have multiple hierarchy levels that appear the same but are not.   For example, Planning Unit HPCC4001, HOS Yale Hospitality and Planning Unit Section HSCC3001 HOS Yale Hospitality.

Inability to Search for Cost Center/Cost Center Hierarchies

When using this prompt to schedule a report, Workday does not currently allow you to search for the value.  For any value that you type in the search value field, you will receive a “No matches found” message. (Note: this is only true for scheduling reports; Workday does allow searching for this prompt when saving a filter, as shown below.)

Scheduling a Report that includes the Cost Center / Cost Center Hierarchies prompt

To schedule a report using the Cost Center / Cost Center Hierarchies prompt, first save a filter for the report by searching for your desired Cost Center or Cost Center Hierarchy value within the Cost Center / Cost Center Hierarchies field.  You can search for either text or the Cost Center Number.

When you schedule the report, select the filter from “My Saved Filters.”  In this example we want to schedule Detailed Transactions – Yale.

In Schedule a Report, navigate to My Saved Filters.

The list will show only reports that have a previously saved filter. Select the report that you want to schedule.

You will see the filters that you have already saved for the report – select the appropriate filter.

The filter will bring in the saved report criteria from the selected filter (including the Cost Center or Cost Center Hierarchy value).  You can then select the other schedule options and complete your report schedule setup.

Reports Updated:

  • Detailed Transactions - Yale
  • Financial Statement - Yale
  • Account Balances Detail - Yale
  • Sponsored Budget to Actuals with Commitments - Yale
  • SOA Actuals by Planning Unit Groupings - Yale
  • SOA Actuals and Commitments vs Financial Plan - Yale
  • SOA by Mission - Yale
  • SOA Actuals by Fund Summary - Yale
  • SOA Budget by Planning Unit Groupings - Yale
  • SOA YTD Actuals with 3 Year Trend - Yale
  • SOA YTD Summary by COA Segment - Yale
  • SOA YTD Variances by Financial Plan - Yale
  • Gift Account Balances - Yale
  • Account Balances Summary - Yale
  • Assets and Liabilities - Yale
  • Financial Transactions - Yale
  • Fund Transfer Review - Yale
  • COA Usage by Fund Summary - Yale
  • Multi-Year Budget to Actuals - Yale
  • Budget to Actuals for Management Office Reporting - Yale
  • Transactions Summary by Month - Yale
  • Trend Analysis by Ledger Account - Yale
  • GSPS Supplemental Commitment Report - Yale
  • Gift Contributions - Yale
  • Gift Holding Account Status and Designation - Yale
  • Gift Endowments and Spendable Gifts - Provost - Yale
  • Sponsored High Risk Expenditures - Yale
  • Charges on Awards that are On Hold or Closed  - Yale
  • Salary by Fund - Yale
  • Salary by Program Mission - Yale
  • Salary Expenses by  Employee – Yale