Spinup self-service portal to create servers, databases, and storage now available

February 22, 2018

The Spinup Self-Service portal provides on-demand creation and management of virtual servers, databases and storage.  Users have administrative control of their resources and do their own systems administration.

Spinup provides faculty and staff with low-risk data a quick and easy way to deploy cloud resources. There is no need to learn about cloud platform specific processes, procedures and terminology. It just works.

Cloud servers deployed via Spinup have many advantages over resources deployed from cloud providers’ portals (at the same cost):

  • They are located behind Yale’s enterprise firewall offering protection from malicious actors.
  • Operating system patches are automatically and regularly applied. 
  • Spinup servers are assigned Yale IP addresses and registered with Yale’s Domain Name Service (DNS).
  • Because Spinup servers are part of the Yale network, they can access services such as mail, Active Directory (AD) and Storage@Yale shares.

See the Spinup FAQ page for more details including information on free trial (TryIT) options, or  log in to Spinup to create an account using your Yale credentials.