Web accessibility policy learning opportunities continue in February

February 21, 2018

The Web Accessibility Policy, announced on January 24 by Provost Ben Polak, establishes requirements for staff, faculty and students to procure, develop and modify University websites so that they are accessible to people with disabilities.

In support of the policy which goes into effect March 1, the ITS Digital Accessibility team continues to offer opportunities to learn more about the policy and its impact – high level information sessions and specific training for content editors. 

To gain a broad understanding of the new policy and how it may impact your school, unit or department, you are encouraged to register for a web accessibility policy information session on February 21 or 27, if you have not already attended one.

If you are an editor who manages website content, you are encouraged to register for a half-day training session on February 27 which aims to:

  • Explain the roles and responsibilities for content editors in improving the accessibility of Yale’s digital campus.
  • Teach best practice for creating and editing content to be accessible.
  • Share resources available to assist content editors in maintaining accessible content.

Note: This training is primarily for people who create content through tools such as Wordpress or YaleSites Drupal.