FY 2019 student and temporary employee salary rates

March 28, 2018

As communicated in previous years, we are now aligned with the Student Employment Office salary structure and departments are encouraged to adjust student employee pay levels accordingly. Effective July 1, 2018, the FY 2019 salary rates for Yale and non-Yale students are as follows:


Hourly rate


Level 1


Positions include routine, often repetitive, job duties normally requiring little or no particular skills or prior experience. Duties are assigned on a daily or task basis within specific guidelines and procedures.

Level 2


Positions include routine and some non-routine duties requiring basic office and business skills and limited experience. Duties are performed within defined guidelines.

Level 3


Positions include non-routine, specific duties integral to the operation of a unit requiring specialized office and business skills and specific experience. Duties are assigned within general guidelines requiring setting priorities and the exercise of judgment.

Level 4


Positions include non-routine duties and some project responsibility requiring the interpretation of information and the application of previously acquired skills and experience. Duties are assigned within broad guidelines requiring independent action and the exercise of judgment.

Level 5


Positions include highly specialized duties and project responsibility requiring the ongoing interpretation of guidelines, the exercise of independent judgment and the application of skills that are often highly technical in nature. Duties are assigned on a project basis within broad guidelines requiring ongoing independence and the exercise of judgment.

Student Employee Salary Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines as needed:

  • Yale and non-Yale student employees should be paid based on the above schedule.
  • Yale interns and non-Yale students, those that are truly doing internships should be processed through a Workday requisition and should also follow the student rates listed above.
  • Non-Yale students doing true temporary work should be processed through a Workday requisition and assigned the rate equivalent of the minimum of the grade level for the work being performed.

For guidance on how to create job requisitions, view the associated Workday training guides.

Temporary Employee Salary Guidelines

Departments are encouraged to align salaries for temporary employees hired to perform clerical or technical work or managerial or professional work, with the grade of the associated Yale job title (C&T minimums; M&P minimums). As a reminder, the Connecticut minimum wage rate is $10.10 per hour.

NOTE: The pay for casual Service and Maintenance workers remains in alignment with the negotiated contractual rates.

We recognize that certain exceptions will continue to be necessary:

  1. New Haven Works Temporary labor: pay rates are set at $2 below the minimum grade for clerical and technical positions.
  2. Specialized skills (nurses, technicians, etc.): pay rates typically exceed the minimum of the grade
    - For assistance identifying these positions, and how much to pay, please contact your HR Generalist.
  3. Retirees: pay may equal the hourly rate received at retirement, but should be adjusted to match the grade level if the nature of the work changes.
  4. Outside vendor (agency) temporary employees: pay rates are established by the vendor.
    - Vendors are informed about our grade minimums and are advised to use them. Please note that Ultimate Staffing is Yale’s preferred vendor.

If you have any questions, please contact Employee Services at 203-432-5552 or employee.services@yale.edu