Web Accessibility Policy, site updates, and learning opportunities

March 8, 2018

The Web Accessibility Policy went into effect Thursday, March 1, and requires changes to University websites so they are accessible to people with disabilities. All university websites should include a link to an accessibility statement page and to a form allowing the submission of requests, comments and suggestions on technology accessibility.

Yale ITS automatically updated any Yale site using an unmodified version of the YaleSites 2016 theme to include an Accessibility Statement page in the footer. The statement page links to a comment form, so sites using the YaleSites 2016 theme are satisfying this provision of the policy.

The ITS Digital Accessibility team strongly encourages all content editors to attend an Accessibility training workshop. In addition, web accessibility policy information sessions continue to be offered on both sides of campus.

If you have questions about web accessibility, please email accessibility@yale.edu.